• 12-13 NOV
    GFIA in Focus Australia | Brisbane Australia
    12-13 NOV
    GFIA in Focus Australia | Brisbane Australia

Australia Innovator Pavilion

Australia Innovator Pavilion

Don’t miss this area of the exhibition where some of Australia’s brightest start-ups and innovators will be displaying and demonstrating their latest solutions for sustainable agriculture.

 Controlled Environments & protected cropping            Precision agriculture & smart farming

Apunga Pty Ltd

Apunga is a full-lifecycle horticultural farm management system developed in partnership with Australian horticultural farmers. It enables you to drive efficiencies across your business and streamline every aspect of farm planning and day-to-day management—all with one simple, scalable and seamlessly integrated cloud—based solution.




AgriChain is a simple-to-use, secure, independent software solution that automates the sharing of information across all major commodity supply chain participants. AgriChain’s vision is to be the largest industry wide platform for managing the agricultural supply chain; connecting sellers and buyers, providing full paddock-to-plate traceability and allowing bulk logistics companies to manage and grow their operations.



DataMuster is a fast, simple and accurate tool for monitoring the performance of your herd. The challenge facing the North Australian beef industry remains the same: identifying superior genetics which can thrive in harsh and remote environmental conditions, with limited human intervention. With a fully integrated DataMuster system, graziers can monitor their property, each of their animals and even the amount of water in remote troughs, all in real time from the homestead.




FluroSat has its roots in the University of Sydney “Inventing the Future” course. FluroSense uses the power of deep spectral insight to deliver early, accurate and actionable information on crop health and nutrition. Make better-informed decisions that drive profitability by improving yields whilst cutting fertiliser and water waste.






Most of the world’s 30 million tractors can’t currently carry out work with any precision. Platfarm turns them into smarter machines by enabling growers to use the mobile and tablet devices that they already own and know how to use, in order to guide them in carrying out work on their farms with greater precision.


SnapTrap Pty Ltd

Snaptrap provides remote monitoring of pest insect traps, resulting in significant efficiency gains for agriculture. Using various sensors and data analysis, Snaptrap targets vulnerabilities in the lifecycle of pest insects. Customer outcomes include reduced pest control costs, reduced crop damage, reduced operational risk, and increased support for market access.



thingc is automating agriculture with Artificial Intelligence powered robotics. thingc’s farm robots are small, lightweight machines that work autonomously in the field, dramatically reducing labour costs. Interchangeable tools allow thingc robots to adapt to a range of
farming tasks. Our first mission is weeding of organic crops.


Zero Harm Farm

Zero Harm Farm is Australia & New Zealand’s fastest scaling ag risk management tool. In a little over 18 months, the application has grown from a great idea to attracting over 4,000 users on 700 farms across Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Used by producers and suppliers from Fonterra, Zespri, Waikato Milking Systems & Compassagri group, the software is proving a solid asset for any agri-business wishing to improve productivity, and close the knowledge gap around best H&S practice on the land.


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