• 12-13 NOV
    GFIA in Focus Australia | Brisbane Australia
    12-13 NOV
    GFIA in Focus Australia | Brisbane Australia

Exhibitor list

2018 Exhibitor list

 Controlled Environments & protected cropping            Precision agriculture & smart farming


Actrua are an award winning, Brisbane based performance culture business who have worked in 24 countries with over 40,000 people. We deliver leadership, safety, coaching and high-performance team solutions to create performance cultures. Our leadership programs are delivered at Executive, Management and Front-line levels. Actrua’s reputation is built on our pragmatic approach, high quality facilitation and consistent delivery of great results. We understand that many businesses in the Agricultural Sector are experiencing unprecedented levels of disruption and change. We work with leaders to build both the mindset and skill-set to be able to effectively respond and adapt to this challenging business environment.


Advance Queensland

Advance Queensland is the Queensland Government’s vision for the future and our investment in a stronger Queensland economy. Funding of $650 million is supporting programs that drive innovation, build on our natural advantages, and help raise our profile as an attractive investment destination.



AgForce Queensland is the peak organisation representing Queensland’s broad acre rural producers. We strive to ensure the long term growth, viability, competitiveness and profitability of the cattle, grain, sheep and wool industries in Queensland. AgForce was born out of the need for a single, united voice for broadacre producers with the merging of the Cattlemen’s Union of Australia (CU), the Queensland Graingrowers Association (QGGA) and the United Graziers’ Association (UGA) in 1998.


Agpick Technology

 AgPick Technology is an Australian company with a mission to make hand-picking more efficient. We want to help farmers make productivity gains and while treating workers fairly. It’s not just picking that benefits from innovation, many outdoor farm operations are hard to track and one size definitely doesn’t fit all. We’ve been building a flexible, configurable labour management and hand-picking application to solve this. The AgPick system uses RFID technology, it’s straight forward, easy to use and can also help with quality reporting. Our long-term goal is to provide farmers with all the job labour information they can’t get now.



AgriChain is a simple-to-use, secure, independent software solution that automates the sharing of information across all major commodity supply chain participants. AgriChain’s vision is to be the largest industry wide platform for managing the agricultural supply chain; connecting sellers and buyers, providing full paddock-to-plate traceability and allowing bulk logistics companies to manage and grow their operations.




  Agritech International



AgriWebb creates easy to use farm management software covering all enterprises. We’re helping thousands of farmers across Australia simplify their farm record keeping, solve their audit and accreditation needs and increase the productivity of their farms.




Agworld exists to make collaboration a seamless experience. The Agworld platform enables growers, advisors, applicators and other key stakeholders to work together on the same platform to capture and share farm information; to manage risk; and to drive better decisions that increase whole farm profitability.



AJS Machinery

AJS Machinery, Australian distributor for SureFire Ag equipment USA. Showcasing the latest in liquid chemical mixing and fertigation technology. The QuickDraw is a fully automated ag chemical batching system – fast, accurate and safe with full documentation and record keeping available via an iPad application. The Marksman is an automated, modem-controlled fertigation and chemigation device that ensures accurate metering and control of fertilisers delivered via an irrigation system.



Apunga Pty Ltd

Apunga is a full-lifecycle horticultural farm management system developed in partnership with Australian horticultural farmers. It enables you to drive efficiencies across your business and streamline every aspect of farm planning and day-to-day management—all with one simple, scalable and seamlessly integrated cloud—based solution.



  Atmos Blue

ATMOS BLUE delivers leading edge air-to-water production machines and commercial water and waste water treatment systems. ATMOS BLUE is led by a highly capable team, with experience spanning local governments, building & construction, oil & gas, mining, and agriculture. This ATMOS BLUE catalogue is credited to the SEAS Swiss Air-to-Water technology that extracts high quality drinking water from the humidity in the atmosphere. At ATMOS BLUE we can formulate solutions in terms of water, energy and the environment and further refine the systems to meet client needs based on geographical areas, atmospheric conditions, and water volume requirements.


Aus Fresh Fodder

Self-sufficient farming is an attractive proposition in times of drought and high food costs. Ausfresh Fodder Smart Farms provide the ultimate solution regardless of weather, water availability and access to power. Comprising a fodder crop production centre using Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) technology, advantages of the system include “drought proofing” of the fodder production process, a significant reduction in water usage, the ability to go from “seed to feed” in just 8 days, and significant reductions in energy costs via the solar power installation.


Bluelab Corporation Ltd



Ceres Tag smart ear tag is the future of livestock industry data and information. Our National Identification compliant ear tag delivers GPS positioning, movement and health monitoring, providing competitive advantage by reduced loss. Ceres Tag is suitable for open pasture, dairy or feedlot for the red meat, dairy, wool and pork industries.





Consilium Technology 

 At Consilium Technology, our core purpose is to help organisations embrace technology and thrive in an ever-changing and uncertain environment. We developed GAIA to bring cutting-edge technology and innovation to the agriculture industry – providing ubiquitous geospatial insight to every grower in every season. In a global first, GAIA combines high-resolution multispectral imagery, with cloud-computing and machine learning, to automatically locate and measure every vine row within Australia. As the Greek Goddess of Nature, GAIA delivers highly scalable crop health maps and intelligent grape growing analytics – enabling growers to make informed, data-driven decisions to navigate the future.



  Cr Kennedy

 C.R.Kennedy is the solutions provider for the surveying, construction, mining, mapping and wider geospatial industries. A significant aspect of our offering is that we have access to partners around the world where we can source the latest in high tech spatial measuring equipment and related software solutions. The list includes land surveying equipment, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s), high definition 3D scanners, machine control, mobile mapping tools, underground service locators, ground penetrating radar, geospatial information systems (GIS) and an extensive array of software packages to suit the equipment and the application. We will have on display multiple UAV’s, software, construction and measurement solutions.



DataMuster is a fast, simple and accurate tool for monitoring the performance of your herd. The challenge facing the North Australian beef industry remains the same: identifying superior genetics which can thrive in harsh and remote environmental conditions, with limited human intervention. With a fully integrated DataMuster system, graziers can monitor their property, each of their animals and even the amount of water in remote troughs, all in real time from the homestead.



  David Gill Greenhouses


Dialog Information Technology

Dialog IT is Australia’s leading privately owned IT services business and is a specialist in Australia’s fresh food supply sector. A Microsoft Gold Partner, we help Australian growers use technology to streamline their processes, automate their manual systems, get the business intelligence they need, and ensure compliance with traceability standards. LINKFRESH is a powerful fresh food management solution, specifically designed for the food supply sector.  It helps businesses that specialise in fresh produce, meat, egg and food processing to move, track and trace products to market with speed, efficiency, transparency and profitability in real time.  



DTN delivers weather-related actionable insights to farmers, agronomists and agri-businesses. Trusted for more than 30 years in the USA, DTN’s weather capabilities are now available in Australia. By combining cost-effective in-farm weather stations with class-leading accuracy of localised forecasts – supplemented by a range of decision support tools – DTN’s insights are used today to optimize operations, boost yields, and earn bigger profits. A recent decision-support addition is Spray Outlook, which helps reduce off-target risks during spraying. By identifying periods of optimal spray conditions and low inversion risk, growers can avoid legal issues, maximize spray windows and protect their margins.



Ecas4 Technology provides for the organic disinfection and bacteriological sanitisation of waters from bores, dams and even potable water. Ecas4 has undertaken research studies with Universities in a variety of Foods and Vegetables processing facilities with results equal or better than chemicals and is reshaping the treatment from paddock to plate.



  Elite Indonesian Cattle Company



Eponic engineering automated fresh farming systems through hydroponic solutions to maximise quality and yield out put while minimising human handling and cost of production. Including Autocrop, the fully customisable automated vertical farm from seeding to harvest, and the Little Farm, the all in one compact hydroponic system for the home. Our constant research and development around the world ensures the technology and methodology are customised to a variety of local crop production.


Extrusion Technologies International Pty Ltd

Extrusion Technologies International Pty Ltd is a leading “Plastic Extrusion Company ” in Australia specialising in profile extrusions. The range of products are varied,and most are related to the Building Industry. The “Sure Grow” range of hydroponic NFT channels/troughs are also manufactured by ETI. The “Sure Grow” brand and its unique profile is very well known and accepted throughout the Hydroponic Industry all around the World. To-date we have exported our “sure Grow ” range of channels to over 30 different Countries. we have been Manufacturing and supplying our range of NFT channels for the past 24 years.


Farmer Meets Foodie

Farmer Meets Foodie connects farmers, harvesters, graziers and growers directly to restaurants, cafes, food trucks and caterers who have a passion for using local produce. We are passionate about telling the story behind how produce is grown and have developed the Farmer Meets Foodie App to make it easy for producers and commercial foodies to connect.


Farm in ONE

Farm in ONE provides an innovative web-based Farm Management Platform incorporating irrigation control, real-time data visualisation, spray scheduling and task management. Using mobile technology which allows remote access it maximises crop performance and reduces input costs. Farm in One offers a complete visual display of the farm showing all blocks and devices such as soil moisture probes, weather stations and pumps and access to charts, weather dashboard and set-up devices. All this is achieved through the integrated mapping platform allowing you to link with the multiple aspects as well as having the ability to manage multiple farms in different locations.



FluroSat has its roots in the University of Sydney “Inventing the Future” course. FluroSense uses the power of deep spectral insight to deliver early, accurate and actionable information on crop health and nutrition. Make better-informed decisions that drive profitability by improving yields whilst cutting fertiliser and water waste.



  Fly the Farm


  Fresh Supply

Fresh Supply Co are a platform for provenance, marketing and payments utilising blockchain technologies. Using digital identifiers on the product we offer brand recognition, clear brand identity, and authenticity which are hugely important to large agricultural producers exporting overseas – as well as connecting consumers with their food domestically. We do this by linking physical product, to provenance information about what makes the product so premium on the blockchain. Using the same blockchain core we add IOT transit information and replace expensive trade finance tools (Letters of Credit) with digital escrow payments.  


  Garden City Plastics / Wangara Horticultural


  Grow Systems Australia

With over 25 years experience in growing herbs, branching out into automated systems seemed a logical choice. At our manufacturing site in South Australia, we make everything to construct your glasshouse or gully system. We’ll even transport it to where you want to build it, or even if you want us to build it for you, we can do that too 🙂




 Growcom is the peak representative body for Queensland horticulture and strives for the long term growth and profitability of horticultural farms and the industry. Our core membership consists of Queensland’s fruit, vegetable and nut producers, and individuals, groups and industries who have a stake or interest in the future of Queensland horticulture. Growcom’s Hort360 software is a computer based, risk assessment tool, designed to give farmers a 360-degree view of their farm business. Hort360 assists growers to identify potential risks, capitalise on business opportunities and highlight unnecessary farm expenses.



 We help growers become more profitable by increasing productivity in plants, people and processes. We install smart devices on pickers and field bins which provide real time insights such as locational and productivity analytics which integrates into Payroll, Compliance, Traceability, Harvest, Logistics, and other farm management systems.  



Hydrosmart is Australia’s leading sustainable salinity, scale, iron and hard water solution. The Adelaide company has been providing its simple sustainable electronic frequency approach to dissolving minerals and keeping them better in suspension. Hydrosmart holistically and sustainably solves irrigation system blockage issues for hydroponics and piped irrigation growers, councils, sports facilities, vineyards, farmers, mining companies and more. Scientific triplicate trials have shown a 17% growth improvement and 5% flavour improvement when using treated V untreated water to grow beefsteak tomatoes. In use for over two decades both in Australia and overseas.


IDS Australasia Pty Limited

IDS Australasia has created the GFarm Integrated Technology Management for smart farming. GFarm leverage modern technologies to create a future proof and scalable framework in the agricultural sector. The future farmer will have access to all the data on his computer or smart device providing him with the right information at the right time to improve his productivity and efficiency.



Irrigation Australia Ltd

 Irrigation Australia is the peak national organisation representing the entire irrigation industry. We provide a range of services to our members and to the whole industry which includes industry certification, training, publications, conferencing, networking and regional events. Irrigation Australia is a registered training organisation (RTO) under the name Irrigation Training Australia, providing the industry with nationally accredited training and qualifications. Irrigation Australia is committed to improving the industry standards by working closely with federal, state and local government as well as other stakeholders to improve water efficiency and increase land productivity.


Irrigate Wisa

WiSA has developed automation systems for irrigation control for over 15 years. Our automation systems can be applied to any industry – horticulture, viticulture, pastoral farming, parks and gardens, hydroponics, turf, golf courses, forestry, waste water, mining and municipal. The product is proudly Australian made and owned.



JAIN Irrigation Australia – Observant

Jain Logic™ spent over a decade going beyond simply providing data. Our system goes a step further to analyze the data then put it in a format that helps our customers better manage resources and increase crop yield. Jain Logic integrates with Observant’s hardware and cloud management tools and is already helping growers in the USA to optimize their yield through a network of thousands of connected devices. Soil Moisture Readings | Weather Analytics | Irrigation | Infiltration | Evapotranspiration Forecasting | Irrigation Planning



Levno is a New Zealand company which enables members of the rural sector and their suppliers to make better decisions through the use of data we provide. Levno for Fuel is a unique, patented fuel sensor. Thousands of these sensors have been fitted to fuel tanks in New Zealand. Data from these sensors is used by fuel distributors for logistics planning; and by farmers and contractors to monitor fuel on their properties. Other products by Levno include milk vat telemetry and water monitoring. Levno is looking for distributors/ partnerships in Australia for this unique technology.


  Lindsay Corp


MFC Food Technology

 The Food Safety Hub is the leading solution in managing food safety. A web-based platform that uses modern technology in a user friendly, simple and highly functional way – all to deliver a seamless solution in food safety. Committed to excellence and efficiencies, the Food Safety Hub is trusted by iconic organisations to future proof management of food safety. Online – all forms are online – paperless – simple and logical – forms are easy to submit, with build in logic so it’s impossible to miss required fields. Any smart device or computer – supports all major brands and browser types.  


Modular Farms Co. Australia

We were farmers before we started designing the modular farming system. And we’re still farming today, using the same technology we’ve developed for our customers. Our Modular Farm System is a complete vertical farming suite designed from scratch to do one thing very well; consistently grow healthy food.



Netpro Group of Companies

 NetPro, the Protected Cropping Innovators. NetPro understands climate challenges facing primary producers and creates innovative and engineered solutions to combat them. NetPro are the ‘Go- To’ company for horticulture structures that prevent sunburn and hail damage, reduce water evaporation and transpiration and increases fruit quality, through hail, sun and wind protection. Evaporation control is an emerging requirement for primary producers and NetPro have developed an evaporation control system that secures, protects and future proofs water reserves. NetPro are at the forefront of protecting livestock within agriculture, installing the award – winning shade systems, across Australia’s Feedlotting Industry.  


  Ninox Robotics


P2P Agri

P2PAgri has had a long-held mission to help farmers improve their business management skills to maintain sustainable and profitable businesses which can successfully manage the challenges of climate and market uncertainty.
Powerful decision-support software to improve profitability and risk management in your farm business.



  Pacer Profiles

At Pacer Profiles we manufacture a 100×50 NFT PVC Hydroponic Channel (Gully) that can be sure to serve you well for many years. Manufactured from high impact, UV stabilized rigid PVC the channel has been specifically formulated to have long life in Australian conditions.



Pacific Data Systems

Pacific Data Systems Pty Ltd (PDS) provides reliable, cost effective and timely solutions in the areas of environmental monitoring, data acquisition, scientific and industrial instrumentation remote computing and systems integration.




Paper Pot Planter

 Paper Pot Planter Australia is a company dedicated to ease the process of seedling transplantation. Our system saves time and labour while increasing crop production. It allows you to transplant up to 20 times faster with a continuous flow of seedlings at perfect spacing where roots are protected from transplant shock. This also means more profitable farming since transplanting and harvesting earlier gives opportunity for extra crops. Our products include paper pots, sowing tools, planters, plastic trays and opening tools. It is very easy to use and Australian made! so whether you are big or small, commercial or domestic, Paper Pot Planter is for you!  


  PCT agCloud

PCT Agcloud is an independently owned and operated software company developing specialised precision ag data solutions for Precision Ag Specialists and API integrating companies.
The focus for PCT Agcloud solutions is to provide the farming customer with true insights and value from their data via their trusted advisors.





Most of the world’s 30 million tractors can’t currently carry out work with any precision. Platfarm turns them into smarter machines by enabling growers to use the mobile and tablet devices that they already own and know how to use, in order to guide them in carrying out work on their farms with greater precision.


MyInsight.io A Product of Powertec Telecommunications IoT

Myinsight.io is a customised end to end Internet of Everything solution for agriculture incorporating connectivity, dashboards, people and things. Live and historical data on applications including assets, animal and people tracking, security, weather, device and things management and control from just a single application.



Precision Terrain Solutions

Solutions for landforming and agricultural water management.




 PROPTEC is the Australia and New Zealand distributors for the Ellepot sustainable propagation systems. With over three billion Ellepots produced worldwide per year, in sizes ranging from 15 mm to 120 mm, there is a solution suitable for whatever your crop may be. If you are looking for the total in house production system, then look no further that the Ellepot system, we offer Ellepot machinery, papers, trays and service. We also represent Quick Plug in Australia/NZ to complement our propagation options with Aero Trays and FlexiPlugs. Quick Plug also produces the revolutionary BioStrate and PUREgrown mats for “Clean” micro green production.


Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI), at The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland (UQ) is a global leader in agriculture and food science research for subtropical and tropical production systems. The Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI), a research institute of UQ, helps drive this leadership through extensive industry linkages, globally-recognised expertise and research infrastructure to significantly improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the agriculture and food sectors.



Queensland Farmers Federation

 The Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) is the united voice of intensive agriculture in Queensland. It is a federation that represents the interests of peak state and national agriculture industry organisations which in turn collectively represent more than 13,000 primary producers across the state. QFF engages in a broad range of economic, social, environmental and regional issues of strategic importance to the productivity, sustainability and growth of the agricultural sector. QFF’s mission is to secure a strong and sustainable future for Queensland primary producers by representing the common interests of our member organisations.


Queensland Rural & Industrial Development Authority

 Connectivity and digital infrastructure are crucial for enhancing modern agricultural businesses. QRIDA’s low interest Sustainability Loans of up to $1.3 million can help primary producers get better connected and invest in new digital technology that can help boost their on-farm productivity and profitability. QRIDA’s Sustainability Loans can be used to invest in an on-farm telecommunications tower or related infrastructure, to purchase precision agriculture equipment or to leverage the latest digital solutions for water monitoring, grazing management or animal health to name a few. Come talk to us about our Sustainability Loans and other financial assistance available to Queensland primary producers or we can visit you on-farm.  


  Quiedan Australia

Quiedan Australia provides a range of grower solutions including but not limited to Poly-Tunnels, Coir Substrates, Trellising and Table Top growing systems. We look forward to meeting you at GFIA Australia


  Rivilus Irrigation


Rodney Industries

Turbine, Piston or engine drive. Fixed boom, folding boom or gun. Rodney Industries has the widest range of irrigators available on the market today. Our focus on energy and water efficiency guarantees you the most economical solutions from our entire range. We also supply and manufacture an extensive range of:; • Hot dip galvanized metal fittings • Aluminium fittings • Channel flow control gates • Firebug Drip Torches • HDPE fittings • Strainers • Floats • Footvalves Need something fabricated? With the ability of combining expertise in both Metals and Poly fabrication, we are able to custom fabricate a wide range of products to suit your requirements. 


  Smart Elements


SnapTrap Pty Ltd

Snaptrap provides remote monitoring of pest insect traps, resulting in significant efficiency gains for agriculture. Using various sensors and data analysis, Snaptrap targets vulnerabilities in the lifecycle of pest insects. Customer outcomes include reduced pest control costs, reduced crop damage, reduced operational risk, and increased support for market access.


SPAA Society of Precision Agriculture Australia

SPAA: The leading advocate for Precision Agriculture in Australia. SPAA is a broad based organisation that covers a range of primary industries. It acts as an umbrella group, supporting precision agriculture initiatives within industries that have the funding and capabilities to explore and adopt new technologies. The organisation has an Australia-wide focus, achieved by partnering with other organisations and becoming part of national and industry alliances. We seek to provide our farming members, sponsors and industry with timely, relevant and practical information that suits their business needs. Through events and communications, our quality resources are unique and focused solely on the research, development and adoption of precision agriculture.


Sphere Drones


The Yield

The Yield is an Australian agricultural technology company on a mission to transform food and farming practices with scalable digital technology. The Yield uses Internet of Things (IoT), data science and artificial intelligence (AI) to power its technology. Its Sensing+ microclimate solution combines sensors, analytics and apps to provide highly localised growing condition information that helps growers make on-farm decisions like when to irrigate, feed, plant, protect and harvest.



thingc Robotics

thingc is automating agriculture with Artificial Intelligence powered robotics. thingc’s farm robots are small, lightweight machines that work autonomously in the field, dramatically reducing labour costs. Interchangeable tools allow thingc robots to adapt to a range of farming tasks. Our first mission is weeding of organic crops.



Think Digital is a immersive education specialist that collaborates with a variety of clients to integrate innovative technology into education, training and marketing. At GFIA we are showcasing our FarmVR and FarmAR platforms. These are an Immersive Technologies Farming experience, designed to educate people where their food comes from, inspire the next generation to take up a career in agriculture and to be used by the industries for training, marketing and communication. Think Digital provides end-to-end services for our clients to integrate immersive technologies, such as 360 photos and videos, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality into their business; from strategy, to production and deployment.



 Troforte Innovations is a R&D driven company that is at the forefront in the development of sustainable farming technologies. Our focus on soil health using microbial and mineral technologies and controlled release nutrients to deliver a system that will benefit the farmer in multiple ways. Just some of the benefits we provide are: 1. multiply beneficial biological activity; 2. increase soil mineral nutrient status and soil Carbon: • Increasing Fertilizer Use Efficiency; 3. improve water infiltration and water holding capacity: • Increasing Water Use Efficiency; 4. minimize soil degradation and the build-up of chemical residues. Ask us how we can help you grow your farming enterprise using Troforte® Farming Systems.  



UBCO was founded on the idea of a Utility Electric Vehicle that would transform the way people ride, work and play. With a motor in both wheels – no clutch, external drivetrain, emissions or noise, it’s the smartest, quietest and most efficient way to get around. The 2×2 was designed for farmers with its lightweight alloy construction, powerful motors, road-legal status and portable power system.


Urban Crop Solutions

 Urban Crop Solutions creates fully automated vertical farming systems using LED lighting that are both efficient and effective under any given climate conditions. As a company Urban Crop Solutions focuses not only on development and production of these systems but also on biological & plant technical research to relentlessly improve the Urban Crop Solutions growing systems and provide customers with the best technology in terms of LEDs, nutrients and seeds.


Vertical Farm Systems

In agribusiness the commercial production of plants using multi-level growing systems is rapidly expanding around the world. The challenge is to be commercially viable against the low costs of traditional open-field farming. The focus of our company over the past 9 years has been to develop and commercially prove the technology needed for indoor growing will provide a reliable Return on Investment.



  Waterform Technologies


Wingtra UAV

 Waterform Technologies provide protected cropping businesses with engineered water solutions including nutrient water recycling, potable water treatment, wastewater recycling, water balancing for corrosion prevention and alternative source water treatment. This is backed by our ground breaking WaterBank data monitoring platform so informed decisions can made about water, to benefit your bottom line. By adopting WaterBank digitisation, large efficiency gains can be made and the true cost of water revealed and controlled. Waterform specialises in technologies such as Ultrafiltration, Reverse Osmosis, UV Disinfection, Corrosion Balancing Media, and Biological Oxidation along with offering full consult, design, build and maintain services.


Zero Harm Farm

Zero Harm Farm is Australia & New Zealand’s fastest scaling ag risk management tool. In a little over 18 months, the application has grown from a great idea to attracting over 4,000 users on 700 farms across Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Used by producers and suppliers from Fonterra, Zespri, Waikato Milking Systems & Compassagri group, the software is proving a solid asset for any agri-business wishing to improve productivity, and close the knowledge gap around best H&S practice on the land.


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