• 12-13 NOV
    GFIA in Focus Australia | Brisbane Australia
    12-13 NOV
    GFIA in Focus Australia | Brisbane Australia

Innovations Sessions

One of the most popular features at any GFIA event – don’t miss the Innovations Sessions where leading-edge agtech suppliers, entrepreneurs and scientists take to the stage for 10 minutes each to present their latest innovation.

The Innovation Sessions take place in the Precision agriculture & smart farming theatre and the Controlled environments & protected cropping theatre. For exact times please see the programme pages.


Agri IoT sensors

Helping suppliers as well as farmers

Agricultural Intelligence (AI)

Viticulture industry transformation using AI, high-resolution satellite imagery, and cloud computing.

Agriculture 4.0: Small Farms. Big Cities

Farming is moving indoors, and it's happening fast. Are we ready for it?

Cold plasma stops the rot

Chemical free technology that increases shelf life by preventing mould.

Data Driven Profit for a Sustainable Northern Beef Industry

How DataMuster uses real-time data to drive better management decisions.

Digital Food Safety

Leverage digital food safety to save time, costs and de-risk business

EC and Moisture in Soil Base Media

A practical look at what these measurements are and a pragmatic view on how to use them.

Ecas4 and the water quality benefits to food sector

Electrolysed water is changing the landscape for food manufacturers and producers.

Empowering horticultural farmers

Use a data driven approach to improve horticultural farming practises

Farm in ONE

Complete farm management encompassed in ONE PLATFORM

Future Farm Vehicle

A safer, easier and quieter choice in farm transport.

Next Gen Coir Substrates

Tailored High Quality Coir substrates and maximising Crop Potential

P2PAgri: Using FinTech to analyse how AgTech can improve your farm business bottom-line

Production efficiency matters, but only if it improves financial performance.

Paper vs Digital

The Future of Ag Risk Management

Precision Ag using everyday consumer smart devices

Challenges and enablers of everyday smart devices

Preparing your farm for automation

Is your farm ready for the next wave of agricultural technology?

Revolutionising field phenotyping to speed up trait breeding in cereals

Increase cereal productivity using field phenotyping via increased canopy photosynthesis in sorghum.

Speed breeding to supercharge our future crops

Speed breeding technology to accelerate crop breeding and future opportunities to boost productivity of indoor farming systems.

SureFire Ag

Automation of on-farm chemical handling.

Taking control of your harvest data

Why manual harvesting needs innovation

The data bottleneck, Natural Capital and a Marketplace for Ecosystem Services

Diversifying the income potential for farmers and those involved in agriculture

The Magic of Microclimates

Creating explosive yield increases using existing water and sunlight

The Success of Plant Factory Solutions

Reliable solutions for the vertical farming industry

Training Towards a Sustainable Irrigation Future

Training empowers people to deliver excellence

Troforte® Farming System

Food Security enhanced though the innovation

Understanding the benefits of lower cost satellite telemetry solutions for agricultural applications

Increase visibility and reduce costs using satellite telemetry technology.

Urban farming within the corporate sector

Combining sustainable urban farming experiences into our cities.