• 12-13 NOV
    GFIA in Focus Australia | Brisbane Australia
    12-13 NOV
    GFIA in Focus Australia | Brisbane Australia

Brooke Sauer

Digital Ag Manager, McGregor Gourlay

Brooke Sauer is the Digital Ag Manager for McGregor Gourlay, leading a small team of agronomists and technical specialists she provides support guidance and expertise to farmers, consultants and industry on the use of spatial data and technology to improve the triple bottom line.

Brooke has over 15 years’ experience across Australia from research, extension, consultancy and digital technologies. Combining her experience of engaging with growers and leveraging her strong relationship with researchers, consultants and agronomists, Brooke has become well- respected precision consultant known best for her broad unerstanding of spatial data and her ability to contextualise data for any audience.

As an investor, collaborator, commercial partner, applied technology developer, advisor, consultant, occasional lecturer and well regarded “brutally honest” speaker, Brooke has a diverse range of experiences and draws on these to bring focus, simplicity and progression for her clients.

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