• 12-13 NOV
    GFIA in Focus Australia | Brisbane Australia
    12-13 NOV
    GFIA in Focus Australia | Brisbane Australia

Rohan Bicknell

Director, Produce Art Pty Ltd

Based in Brisbane, Australia Rohan has been involved in the international fresh produce trade since 2011. Today Rohan runs his own company Produce Art which mainly exports Australian fresh produce as well as importing produce to Australia. Rohan also trades fresh produce between countries outside of Australia and trades domestically between the major markets in Australia.  Rohan is super passionate and saw great potential in one fruit in particular called the Feijoa. Rohan now trades a majority of the fresh Feijoa trade globally, he started his own marketing group called Feijoa Addiction, set up a online retail store, started making his own Feijoa products, established a commercial farm and is currently doing research with QAAFI/University of Queensland on the health benefits of the fruit.

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